31 Nayland St

Scope was appointed to undertake asbestos removal from the dwelling at 31 Nayland Street for Christchurch City Council. This included roof removal and environmental cleaning within the roof space. A scaffold was erected as edge protection and the team worked with harnesses in fall arrest due to the steep roof pitch. Third-party independent air monitoring was running throughout the roof remova...

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Reg Stilwell- Mould Remediation

During asbestos removal at Reg Stilwell flats, the team identified that a number of the units where asbestos removal was to be undertaken had black mould growing. It was spread throughout the ground floor of the building. The mould remediation became a priority to ensure the area was safe for our asbestos team to carry out work. A removal methodology was created covering the remediation proce...

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Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant (CWTP)

Scope was appointed to undertake asbestos removal from the roof of a building at Christchurch Waste Water Treatment plant during refurbishment work being carried out by Watts and Hughes. The bitumen membrane that had been applied to the roof contained asbestos which had soaked through to the timber below. Both the framing timber and the bitumen membrane were removed. Third-party independent ai...

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Airways Control Towers- Rotorua & Palmerston North

Scope was appointed to undertake asbestos removal and environmental cleaning for Airways New Zealand. Asbestos containing material was identified in the service riser leading to the control tower cab at both Palmerston North and Rotorua airport sites. We undertook highly friable millboard removal, within secure friable enclosures built by our team prior to removal works. The Environmental Clea...

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Rangiora Fire Station

Scope Demolition was contracted by the site developers to demolish Rangiora Fire Station, its associated structures and hard surfaces. Notable to this demolition was the presence of asbestos which was removed by our asbestos removal team prior to the hard demolition of the building. More asbestos was subsequently found, which involved the delicate hand removal of all windows and surrounding blo...

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13 Woodlau Rise

Scope Demolition was contracted by the owner of the property to demolish their three storey, split level dwelling due to damage caused by the earthquakes. The steepness of the slope and difficult site access meant that the demolition had to be done in a controlled fashion using two 20T excavators. The dwelling, all hard surfaces and associated structures including retaining walls were removed t...

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Airedale Courts – Three Story Demolition

Scope Demolition was contracted by Christchurch City Council to demolish a three story social housing block in the Christchurch City Centre. Due to the damage caused by the earthquakes, the building had to be strengthened using shipping containers to allow internal access. This was all done in partnership with Engineers and Christchurch City Council. The duration of the project was approxima...

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Cathedral Junior School

Ground Remediation Scope Civil and Drainage were approached by Contract Construction to undertake demolition, excavation, ground stabilization and drainage works. The ground stabilization involved the construction of a large cement reinforced gravel raft. Construction materials were subject to rigorous lab testing prior to; and site field-tests during construction. On site, ...

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St Albans Playcentre Carpark

Construction of Carpark and Right of Way (Including Services) Scope Civil and Drainage were contracted by the Ministry of Education to install a new carpark and right of way for the St Albans Playcentre. This contract included new roading, sewer & stormwater drainage, footpath construction, landscaping and service relocation. The programme was 12 weeks with health and...

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5 Te Awakura Tce

Replacement of earthquake damaged retaining walls in Mt Pleasant: Initially all walls were designed as timber however shallow rock not previously detected instigated a design change for the main wall. The wall is designed to retain the driveway and single garage and also provides the main access into the proposed new dwelling. The significant reinforced concrete is cast upon a...

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