Scope Group owns and manages a sizeable inventory of construction and demolition plant and equipment. This investment, along with our yard facilities and plant management systems ensures the right tools are available for each job. This in turn reduces our reliance and time on finding external resources.

Our Canterbury head office and yard facility has been constructed around our large workshop, which is the central hub for the distribution of our plant and equipment. From here, we resource all regions and work closely with our pre-qualified contactors to ensure we have the right tools for the job.

Our excavators are all kitted out with a range of specialised  attachments- from grapples and pulverisers, to breakers and drilling equipment.


23 Ton:CAT 323F Excavator
21 Ton:Kobelco SK210-6E Excavator
20 Ton:Kobelco SK200-8 Excavator
18 Ton:Hyundai R180 LC-7 Excavator
14 Ton:CAT 314 ECLR Excavator
8 Ton:CAT 308 E2 Excavator
5 Ton:CAT 305 ECR Excavator
4 Ton:CAT 304 CCR Excavator
1.7 Ton:CAT 301.7 D Excavator


Positrack Skid-Steer Loader
Hitachi LX-30 Wheel Loader


Sakai TW502-1 Combination Roller


Nissan CW380 Artic
UD Quon GW26-470 Artic
UD CG31-470 / 8×4 Wheeler Truck
Mitsubishi Fuso / 6 Wheeler Truck
Hino FS 6×4 Tip Truck
Volvo 2×4 Tip Truck


Domett Trailer & Hoist
Tandem Trailer / Water Cart
Adams & Curry High-Sided 2 Axle


Dyna Flat Deck Mobile Welding Unit