Airways Control Towers- Rotorua & Palmerston North

CLIENT: Airways New Zealand
PROJECT: Airways Control Towers- Rotorua & Palmerston North

Scope was appointed to undertake asbestos removal and environmental cleaning for Airways New Zealand. Asbestos containing material was identified in the service riser leading to the control tower cab at both Palmerston North and Rotorua airport sites. We undertook highly friable millboard removal, within secure friable enclosures built by our team prior to removal works.
The Environmental Clean and Asbestos Removal procedure had to be undertaken while the control tower was live. Careful removal methodologies were adopted to ensure no services were disconnected to the control tower cab. Night work was undertaken in fire egress areas to prevent disruption during the daytime running of the tower services.
Operational issues were discussed in detail on a daily basis to avoid any delays for Airways New Zealand
Due to the sensitivity of the riser, Scope used pressure differentials to ensure enclosures on multiple levels were under constant negative pressure during removal works. Real time air monitoring was running throughout the project because of the sensitivity of the environment. All areas were swab tested and air cleared before dismantling the enclosures. Third party independent validation of results was undertaken by TRIEX.