Cadbury Social Club

CLIENT: Cadbury
PROJECT: Cadbury Social Club
JOB TYPE: Demolition, Asbestos Removal & Soil Remediation

Cadbury Social Club Demolition, Asbestos removal & land remediation.

Scope of Works (asbestos removal):

  • Removal of class B products including, cladding, soffits, safes, switchboards and bituminous roofing membrane

Scope of Works (demolition):

  • Demolition of a two story structure including slab & foundations. Demolition included hand separations from neighboring properties and historical investigations.

Scope of works (land remediation):

  • Excavation of 1000 tonnes of asbestos contaminated soils and disposal.
  • Historical investigations with significant artefact’s discovered.
  • Encapsulation of contaminated land to remain on site, backfill and compact for carpark use.