We take pride in safely and efficiently providing quality hazardous material removal solutions for our residential and commercial clients.



Nose, throat and eye irritations, colds, allergies and even hypersensitivity pneumonitis can all be triggered by one common culprit: moulds and fungal infestations. Just about anyone can be affected adversely, but some people are especially susceptible to mould, including infants asthmatics and those with compromised immune systems. The bottom line is mould and fungi can cause serious health issues if not dealt with properly.

Mould can grow after flooding from any source, including burst pipes, a leaky roof or a sewer backup. If the dampness remains over long periods of time, mould occurs – and the mould produces hazardous chemicals that can affect your health. Scope is experienced with mould removal and abatement in New Zealand. To adequately address a mould problem, specialised equipment for protection and air sampling conducted by trained professionals is required.



Lead-based paint is a serious source of poisoning among children and adults. In extreme cases, lead poisoning can lead to impaired mental function and brain damage. In children, lead poisoning can result in slowed mental and physical development and cause attention disorders. If severe enough, it can lead to nerve damage, affect sensory organs and cause problems in unborn foetal development.

You can trust in the expertise and experience of Scope to remove and safely dispose of:

  • Lead paint and other lead-containing products
  • Mercury-containing equipment, such as thermostats and gauges
  • PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls)-containing items, such as fluorescent light ballasts and transformers


The methamphetamine or ‘P’ epidemic in New Zealand has become a major problem, with the manufacture, supply and use of the drug becoming prevalent in many communities. The chemical residue left behind in buildings where methamphetamine has been used or manufactured are invisible toxins.

We provide methamphetamine decontamination and clean-up services throughout New Zealand.

specialise in methamphetamine lab remediation and clean-up services throughout New Zealand.

When you contact us for methamphetamine remediation services, you can expect professional discretion. All information we gather during the remediation process is kept confidential.

How do you know if your home was a former meth lab?:

  • Signs to look for include visible chemical staining and venting work that looks like it has been removed
  • Even if the meth lab was only operational for a few days or it’s been over a decade since the lab was shut down, hazardous toxic residue can still be left behind
  • The chemicals are usually present until they’ve been cleaned away by an expert with the necessary experience and equipment

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