We have been removing asbestos since 2008 and with offices in Christchurch, Dunedin and Nelson we are able to service the entire South Island and beyond.

Our experienced, specialist staff are highly trained and certified to current industry standards and specialise in all forms of residential, commercial and industrial asbestos removal.

If you suspect you may have an asbestos problem in your home or business give us a call and rest assured in the knowledge that your asbestos is being handled by industry leading professionals. We have vast experience in the removal of Class A and Class B asbestos from the following environments:

· Residential

· Commercial & Industrial

· Plant Rooms

· Switch Yards

· Environmental Cleans

· Contaminated Land Remediation

· Site Scrapes

· Emu Picks

· Confined Spaces

We also have significant experience working in challenging and sensitive environments including functioning Hospitals, Schools, live switch yards and relay rooms etc.

We are equipped with the most modern equipment and training to ensure the protection and safety of all stakeholders. With our Asbestos industry experience and capabilities across the Civil, Demolition and Construction sectors we can provide turn-key solutions to meet all your project needs.

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